Damn, it was just a dream!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Have you ever had one of those dreams that you could swear is so real, but when you awake you realize that it was just a dream? I've been having these reoccuring dreams about this very cute guy that works at my job. He's very handsome in every sense of the term. Tall, regal, well learned and suave. He has the nicest set of teeth, nothing to me is more attractive than a man with nice teeth. He smells like a man too, and ladies know what I mean when I say that he smells like a man. He has the swagger of a man twice his age though he's only 24. He's street savvy and business minded, and I think that is what attracts me to him most. We say our cordial hello's when we bump into one another. And at times we have nice little conversations. I love to see him smile, he has the cutest dimples. I just want to put my finger in his cheek its so deep. Though I want to tell him that I think I may like him, I keep it to myself for fear of rejection (I'm working on that little tid bit). But lately I've been having these dreams, and I mean really good dreams too, and they all seem to have him in it. I am not complaining, not in the least, but I wonder why it is that I am having them. The psychologist in me says that it is because I have a secret longing for him and until it it resolved I'm going to continue having them. The other side of me says its nothing and I need to enjoy the dreams cause they are as close to action as I'm ever giong to get right now.

So back to the dream. In the dream we were walking and talking at my job ( I work in a very public place) and all of a sudden he just grabs me by the pants and pulls himself closer to me and lets just say what happens next is way beyond rated R. More like XXX. A lot of twisting, and grinding and pulling, and noise. There was so much stuff happeneing that I really thought that it was happening for real. This could not be a dream. There is no way that I'm sleeping right now, NO WAY, because this feels way too real. I wake up from my dream and I'm panting and sweating and I feel like it actually happened? No way!!! It was it a dream!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!I've been on a long hiatus of coital pleasure and this is the most action I've had in a very long while so it was greatly appreciated. And I do mean greatly.

Damn this dream, as I was getting ready for work I had constant flash backs of my dream that made me smile. As I was getting ready to leave I heard this song that I love by Mary J Blige. The song was one of my favorites it was like the people at the radio station knew what was going on with me and they decided to play my song. This song just went so well with my dream, well not fully but it did have some significance with my dream. As I got to work I couldn't help but smile when I saw him walk by today. My little secret, my dream, my fantasy

Mary J Blige's -" A dream." It was a simple fantasy that I wish was reality... and, the music stopped and in a flash I was all alone, it was just a dream...

Thanks Mary, that song came in handy!


Ladynay said...

I can't think of a dream that good...lately :-(

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

hay you....hope your holiday was superb!!

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