Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Living and working a city like NY has it ups and its downs. I love my city, believe me when I say this, because I really do love it here! From the different languages that you hear walking down 5th ave, to the lights that you see in midtown, to the tourists that are just enthralled by what they see when they come to the city. But, then there is a down side to living here. NYC Transit.. UGH...The transit system is sometimes the worst it will ever be, there isn't a time where I can say that I loved taking mass transportation in NY. I hate being on the train during rush hour, everyone is pushin and pulling and just making things worse, and add to that many of these people do not smell as fresh as they did earlier on in the morning (but that is another story.)

Yesterday was the worst commute from my job in midtown to the school I attend in Brooklyn in all of the years I've been commuting. There I was rushing to hand in this project that I waited till the last minute to do so that I could hand it in to my professor on time. I got on the train after a long and tedious day at the job, and the trains are all f'd up! At first I thought it would've been a minor delay as with all the other times but low and behold yesterday was just the worst of the I was stuck on a crowded train for over 2 hours. Though I had a very cute guy standing next to me the whole entire time it did nothing to pacify my rage that I was going to be extremely late to my class.

Then, to make matters worse there was a lady who could not stop fidgeting she just kept on going and going. I really wanted to turn around and slap her in the back of her head but my morals and respect for my elders helped me to just ignore it. Why do people insist on being such idiots. Its like there is a code of stupidity that they must abide by. Its not like she didn't know the train is crowded, she was standing in between 3 people and they couldn't move either, but she made it her business to huff and puff and fidget with her book and her bag and make the whole experience 10 times worse than it already was for me. The cute guy that stood beside me glanced down every couple of seconds, though I said nothing (because I'm chicken shit) I knew he was looking at my ipod that had I purposely took out and began playing music video's on. He smelled good too, he had on some Jean-Paul Gautier... and if its on thing I love about a man its the fact that he smells good.

Finally, after standing for what felt like an eternity we began to move and so did fidget lady. She bumped me with her bag, jabbed me with the corner of her book. It took all the Jesus I had in me not to just turn around and shake the shit out of her and ask her why must she continue to bump and fidget on a crowded train. I had to use all the love of Jesus I had in me to just ignore her, I had to use it that and the fact that I didn't want to look like a total asshole with that cute guy standing next to me. But I finally fidgety fidget got off the train and I got to my destination.. it only took me 2 and a half hours to get there.. what a way to end an already never ending day.. ALL I have to say is that NYC transit is never going any one's way

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