Ode to Mom

Monday, January 14, 2008

My mother, the wind beneath my wings, my rock. Though she sometimes gets on my nerves I wouldn't trade her for the world. She's great. I think that's why her and I tend to butt heads as much as we do. I am her complete opposite though I look exactly like her. My mom, comes from a very large family, she is one of 12, while I am her only child. While she lived in an impoverished country like Haiti she wasn't poor, not in the monetary sense but in the fact that she was loved by her parents and siblings. While, I live in a wealthy country and though not typically middle class I am not poor but I am so loved.
I have to give props to my mom. She did so much on her own. She raised me from the day my biological father told her that I wasn't his child (long story). 10 days after I was born she became the woman she was suppose to be and strapped down her waist (as my grandmother would say) and raised her child. She came to this country when she was older so that I could have the life that she didn't get. My mom was a school teacher in Haiti. She taught at this school and made good money, but she decided she wanted a better life for her only child. We came to live in America. Life has been rough on my mom. I can see it on her face and by the way she constantly complains about her aching bones and body. She had to take menial jobs in order to put me through school. I have to give it up to my mom, she did on heck of a job raising me. While I was the only child I didn't get away with everything. I got my fair share of spanking and kneeling in the corners (total Haitian thing)

My mother did her job as a parent. I will never nor have I ever disrespected the woman. First off she'd back smack me into next Tuesday, but also she's done a lot for me. My foundation and love of God comes from her. She has taught me that I don't do things on my own, and that it comes from the love and will of God for me to do different things and to always praise him even when I feel like I'm backed up against the wall. My mom has always taught me to be a go getter, an over achiever, a top notch player when it comes to life. She has always taught me to be better than the rest. I love her for that.

I remember the day I came home and told her that I thought I was ugly. She looked at me with the most sincere face and told me that God doesn't create junk and why would I say that. She took me into her room, and had me look at myself in the mirror. My mom is a good looking woman, and she said to me " who do you look like" and I said "I look like you" and she said so how can you look like me and be ugly. She goes on to say, if you're always telling me how beautiful I am and how pretty I look, if you look like me doesn't that make you beautiful and pretty also? That was the beginning of my positive aspects on myself. Though I am not always my biggest fan I know my mother is.

My mom has always put a positive outlook on life. As the constant optimist she wants me to think that things are always going to get better, and to not dwell on the hardships along the way. She always reminds me that life is tough but to always stay humble because things do get better after they get worse. My mom is the greatest woman I know. She's suffered a lot, she's pushed through so much, yet she gives all Glory to God. She's humble, yet strong, passive yet aggressive, but through and through she's my inspiration. So with this post I dedicate it to my mother. I hope to be even half of the woman you are. You are the reason that I live.

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