Pissed off

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am a person who is rarely ever pissed off. I tend to just brush things off and keep it moving. But I think I have reached my limit, with this one co-worker friend of mine. She has been so self absorbed that is draining me. She has been acting like she's 20 years old and not like the grown married woman that she is. First of all she has a 7 year old son that says things that a child shouldn't say. I remember being at a certain age, and having the daylights slapped out of me because I said something that wasn't to my mother's liking. She was a firm believer that children are seen and not heard. I remember being told to leave the room because grown folks were talking and if I didn't leave, I'd get a slipper thrown at me in an instant. But this woman has a son who will say what he wants to whom he wants without being reprimanded. But that's farthest from my issue with (lets call her Mrs. Calvin Klein).

Now I am not a believer in having flings outside of marriage but not everyone is like me. But Mrs Calvin Klein decided that she was over her inattentive and sometimes verbally abusive husband and started messing with this guy (lets call him Juan). Now Juan is someone who, (if you didn't know better) could be found attractive because of his zest of literature and zeal for life. Now Juan and Mrs. Klein started seeing one another exclusively. They would just talk to one another but then things began to escalate. She began falling for Juan, and thinking that she could leave her husband and take their son to be raised by her and Juan because to her Juan had the greatest parenting skills (Juan is Dominican, we Hispaniolian's' don't play that hot mess) Anywho, myself and another co-worker friend of mine have been trying for the last 6 months to tell her how bad this guy Juan is, but she is clouded by the verbal intercourse that they share. I used to like Juan. (Needless to say Juan works with us.) I even thought Juan was kind of sexy. I love a man that is knowledgeable and can teach me something, anything. But, as I've gotten to know Juan I've come to the realization that he's not as cute, and endearing as I thought he was.

Juan reminds me of a woman who is going through that change in her life. He is always moody and sometimes snappish at people if he had a bad morning commute. But anyway, Mrs. Klein has fallen head over heals in love with the guy. She has lost all track of who she is because of him. She has even forgotten about her son. (Which pisses me off, because you don't do that to a child) she has been crying for the last couple of weeks because things have gotten bad with him. Juan is a person who always wants his space (its a big issue to him too) and she is kind of like a bad hemorrhoid that no matter how much preparation H you put on it, it just won't go away. She's like a tornado, and he's expressed several times to her that he'd like to be left ALONE. But she doesn't understand the concept of space and continues to just go on and on and on with her verbal intrusions.

Now, my other friend and I have been trying to drill into her that, sometimes you need to cut your losses and seek help before you completely destroy your marriage. And while she'll say yes (I think its only said to pacify our constant babble) she does the complete opposite and goes and intervenes when she isn't wanted. How do I tell this woman that she needs to wake up and smell the coffee.. the man doesn't want you anymore. Leave him alone and work on saving your marriage. I've had it up to my eye balls (I'm 5'6, so there isn't much to me) with her crying and lies. I can't take it anymore. And while I try to be a good friend to her I can't see myself doing this much longer. I can't see myself being the good Christian woman that I am and not SLAPPING FIRE out of her. Lord, give me peace within, because I'm inches from losing my Jesus.


MsKnowitAll said...

Ms. Liryc, I think I know these 2 people. LOL
2 quotes from you that keep me in stitches:
"She is kind of like a bad hemorrhoid that no matter how much preparation H you put on it, it just won't go away."
"Juan reminds me of a woman who is going through that change in her life."
Whattapost! Girl, I hope you're laughing soon and enjoying the rest of your day. Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Lyric, i'm sure I know these two people and I understand your frustration. If I were you I would simply begin to ignore her retarded behind (I know she is clueless but at some point when no one is talking to her she will get the picture). You are not her keeper or her savior.

For truth, those two quotes were ridiculous...Lol.

Anonymous said...

girl don't stress it...keep it moving..that dumb whore is a lost cause

Ms. Confessions said...

LOL, yes I too know or should I say knew a few people like that.

Like Yazmar said....keep it moving LMAO.

Ms. Behaving said...

What's sad is that there's NOTHING you can do or say to make this woman change her mind.

Unless SHE wants to do this, it's just NOT going to be done and unfortunately a lot of people [herself included] are going to be hurt by this in the longrun.

Opinionated Diva said...

Sometimes you have to step back and let people continue making their mistakes. She probably wants to leave dude alone, but can't stop thinking he's going to go back to being the way he used to be.

Messing with co-workers is just asking for trouble...makes it really hard to walk away when dude is in your face on a daily.

Were I you, I would stay out of it altogether. Sounds like things are about to get ugly.

deepnthought said...

don't waste your time energy or spirit on the co worker. I know it is hard, but you will continue to get the urge to slap the fire out of her. And us good christian women cant get to that point. lol

what is a hispaniolian? I am going to add that word to my vocab.

I have to admit, those two quotes are now stuck in my head. lol
I am adding those to my description vault as well. lol

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