Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday, finally!!! I am so glad that the weekend is here. Time to relax unwind and catch a flick or two. Tonight is my date with my "friend" and I hope it goes well. I have the perfect outfit and the perfect set of heals (dude is 6'3, I need the height) we are going to go and see "Wanted" I have been so anxious to see this movie. I love me some Angelina Jolie. Work went well, had a small altercation with this one porter and had to put him in his place.

D, has an issue with my co-worker friend FP, and since FP and I are friends, D doesn't like me. Most people at the job would find this odd because I am such a nice person. Seriously, anyone who meets me cannot say one bad thing about me, well other than that I am overly hyper for a person my age. But D, doesn't seem to like me one bit. That's OK though, because I am not going to be liked by everyone, and that's OK. D, is what people around my neck of the woods would call 7:30, meaning he's kind of crazy. I don't know how that works out for time but in the hood that's what they call a crazy person. So, D, had to pick up the garbage from my office, I saw him walk in talk his idle chatter with my co-workers, then he just left. OH NO, he didn't just do what I thought he did..IMPOSSIBLE, did he just have the audacity? Yes he did, he had the audacity to pick up everyone else's but mine. I knew he was going to do that, but I was giving him the opportunity to prove me wrong. Unfortunately he didn't and left the office. I could've left it alone and not even bothered, but my trash was overflowing from the previous days papers, and I had to say something

If you know me, you would know that I am not a confrontational person. I don't bicker, I don't beef with people. I'm usually happy go lucky, but I had to check that at the door when it came to messing with Mr. 7:30. He had, had an altercation with a co-worker friend of mine, and just because I am friends with that person he decides to hold a grudge against me. I am fine by that, I wasn't made to be liked by everyone. It happens, not everyone is going to befriend me. I have come to accept that. But he was going to get a piece of my mind. I marched downstairs to where the porters were and saw him. I took him to the side and started telling him as I thought it was. I knew I caught him off guard because he looked stunned. Never has anyone heard me be mean or get it out with anyone at the job. Its not of my character, but he made me step outside of myself today with his antics. My other co-worker friend Drea had to come outside her office and ask what was going on. She couldn't believe it. She tells me later that it was a shocker to hear me talk the way I was talking because it was so unlike me, and she knew that if I was talking this way, that something had to be wrong. I told her and she said to be the bigger person and leave it alone.

By the end of the afternoon I was better, I had gotten over the mornings fiasco, I was beginning to be a bit apprehensive of the evenings plans. But I knew it was going to be the deal breaker. The make or break part of the whole "friendship!"

I'll let you all know what happened! Keep your fingers crossed that I cross over that threshold of being "homegirl" to "love interest"


MsKnowitAll said...

Hey Honey, Sweetie, Darlin'!

You've been tagged!

Eb the Celeb said...

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend Ms. Lyric

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