Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I just had to rant! I was talking to dude "my friend" and after I had to use the ladies Asap! ( I know TMI) I have a tendency of putting my phone in my back pocket. I guess its a bad habit that will definitely die now. Well anyway, here I am about to pee-pee myself when my cell falls out of my back pocket and falls into the toilet!


This shit pisses me off. I cannot live without a cell phone (yes I'm addicted but I don't want a cure, its my crack and I love it!)

See this is what I get for talking to home boy on the phone. This is what I get for listening to him talk shit. My phone falls in to the toilet! Are you kidding me!!!! (Yes, I do reach in and get it, though its at work)

Damn it, and my insurance doesn't cover water damage!


And I didn't back up the information onto my computer!!! Shit!! This just keeps getting better and better!!

Ok, first get some alcohol and wash your hands first. Forget using the bathroom get out now! Take battery out and shake the phone. Try to see if you can get the water out. It wasn't in there for too long. Only about 2 seconds, but that's enough water damage.

Why didn't I sync my phone? WHY??? Seriously!! This is all my fault!!


Ok, I know its a cell phone and its a possession that I was without 10 years ago, but I am with it now and I can't live without a cell phone.. (what did people do before then??)


Ok, gotta call my carrier and ask them for a new phone. Will tell them that I lost it and they'll send me another phone. I need it asap!

See, this is exactly what I get for listening to him talk shit! Good for you! You deserve it.. you should've hung up like you said you were. No, your stupid behind actually sat there and had a conversation with Ol' Boy!!!



The Diva's Thoughts said...

"Well anyway, here I am about to pee-pee myself when my cell falls out of my back pocket and falls into the toilet! This shit pisses me off."

Ok am I the only one that thought that shit right there was funny!!??? LOL

Ok I guess I am a twisted individual. lol I do feel your pain though. I would lose my freaking mind if I didn't have my phone.

Ms. Behaving said...

Awwwww dayuuuuuum!!!
[Not the toilet bowl] *SIGH*

Hopefully, you have it insured and your telephone provider will replace it [free of charge] :-)

Ms. Confessions said...

I feel the cell phone pain. How does one live without one? And yes, I agree with the diva; that was funny :)

Let us know how things turn out.

Eb the Celeb said...

girl I feel you... never had it drop in the toilet before but I have had i right next to the sink when I was washing dishes and that mess vibrated right into the sink... i thought i was gonna die

Ms. A said...

LMAO!!!! I had a couple of close calls (no pun intended) with the celly and the toilet.

Poor baby!

Liryc said...

Good news, I got my replacement phone today and I am back in business.. Only took them 3 days but I am so glad that they sent me a new phone.. Lord withdrawal is ugly and I would hope no one from blogger saw me when I was going through my cell phone pain!

WomensDaily said...

That really is just the worst when your phone gets ruined. I have issues if I go anywhere without my cell phone.

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