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Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank God its Friday. I have been waiting for this day all week and its finally here. Though I have tons of things to do this weekend I feel like it took forever for it to come. My friend is getting married this weekend and tonight is her bridal shower. I have NO money so I have to find some way to hustle $100 and get her something anything from her gift registry.

Saturday another one of my friends is having a b'day bbq and she invited me and some friends to come and have eats. Though I'm not really in the bbq mood I thought I'd go and just enjoy some time with friends, why not have a good time with good people. My best-friend is suppose to be coming into NY with my godson so I'll be spending most of Saturday morning with them, but by the afternoon I'll go.

Sunday is my friends wedding and I am excited for her. She and her boyfriend have been together for what seems like an eternity I wish them the best because Lord knows how many marriages end in divorce nowadays... I don't want to say that to her so I'll promptly keep my comments to myself. Her fiance isn't the type to cheat from what she's told me, and from what I know of him he seems like a good man, so why not tie that knot. All the Best CINDY!

I have finally stopped hearing from my crazy lunatic ex-boyfriend Ivory! He has seemed to finally get the picture so here's to hoping that it remains that way!

I should have a story to tell next week about a guy I used to date. We've been speaking and though I don't want to admit it to him, or to myself I think I like him.

Next week is very very eventful. Monday it's Ms. Patti LaBelle at Wingate Park, on Tuesday I'm suppose to be going to see Allison Hinds (Soca Queen) at SOB's, then Wednesday some after work spot because its the day before my cousin's b'day. Thursday is Ash's b'day so we're most likely going to dinner.. and then that weekend is LABOR DAY WEEKEND and we all know what that means.. Well for the West Indians, you know what it means.. time to jump and wine and wave....



Eb the Celeb said...

Wed is a must at MY afterwork Happy Hour at Covo Tratoria... 135th & 12th... in the loft upstairs... 7pm-midnight

MsKnowitAll said...

Haven't seen nor heard from you... I hope all is well.

I knew you likeded that guy... :)

Did you enjoy the wedding? How was it?

Have fun at the parade, I don't do Eastern Pkwy on Labor Day weekend.

Indian summer is coming through. Summer's not officially over yet. Well it is kinda cool today but look for some hot lunch hours...

The Diva's Thoughts said...

DO NOT remind me that summer is over! I am so not ready to let it go.

As a matter of fact, I have a post about it that I will post in a couple days.

I hope you had a great Labor Day!

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