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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I told Eb, that I was going to "borrow" this from her site and that is just what I am doing. I have to admit her posts tend to make me sit and think about my own little meme's. Little things that need tweeking or need grand alterations, but all in the name of bettering myself. Well, thanks Eb, here are some of my little tidbits of randomness.

Maybe I should...stop spending so much money (this I had to keep, Eb hit it RIGHT on the head)
I love the smell of... a baby. There is nothing like the smell of a baby
People would say that I...am nut, but always there for them whenever they need me
I don’t understand why...I continually attract the WRONG type of men. I wonder what it is about me that bring them in my direction. Seriously it must be something that I am exuding that is bringing them to me!
When I wake up in the morning...I thank God for another day
I lost my will power to...make people into something when they rather remain a NOTHING!
Life is wonderful... when you have amazing family and friends to share it with
My past has... made me the person I am today and I wouldn't change any of it for the world
I get annoyed when...people try to play me for a fool, and think that I cannot see it!
Parties are not...the place to behave like you have NO home TRAINING!
Dogs are...cute when they’re small, big dogs scare the HECK out of me!
Cats are... sneaky mongrels
Tomorrow I am going to...see Erykah Badu at Wingate Park in Brooklyn. Its FREE and I’m so there!
I have a low tolerance for... ignorance
I'm totally terrified of...personal failure, forget what the world thinks of me but I struggle with being at peace with my own accomplishments and how I view them for myself (ditto EB)
I wonder why I thought my life would be...easier as I got older. I was so mistaken. It’s a lot harder now that I’m an adult.
Never in my life...did I think that I’d be fed up with one person!
High school was something that...I would so do over again. I made so many great and wonderful friends; I loved every minute of it
When I'm nervous... I stutter, though I try not to show it, if you listen to me speak you realize that I have an instant impairment.
Take my advice...to put God at the head of your life because he already knows your path (AMEN EB)
Making my bed is...something that doesn't happen too often...I usually am running late so that's the last thing I think about before I leave my house! I sometimes just use it as an ironing board!
I'm almost always...up for a good meal... I likes to eat!
I'm addicted to... my cell phone! Jesus help me, I’ve already dropped it in the toilet there isn’t anything left to do now! Please help me!
I want someone...who doesn’t lie to make himself look good. I believe in being the REAL you. If you’re false then there is no need to speak to me. I only invite REAL people into my circle.

Life is what you make of it. Sometimes its needs a bit of tweeking to get it right, but if you keep God first then everything will fall into place. Sometimes Random thoughts or someone else's random thoughts inspire you to see what needs to be altered! Thanks EB


(vixenchick) said...

Hi I really like your blog!

We have something in common: my father is from Haiti! My mom is African American.hatitan pride!

MsKnowitAll said...

Nice change to the blog... looks like you like the library or sumthin... lol

I remember the "cat moment" we had in the candy store that day. I'm cracking up at my desk right now!

See ya after work today! Remember I'm your date for E.Badu! We are so having a blast!

Eb the Celeb said...

Aaaaawwee... thx 4 the love and shouts... and you know you can always "borrow" my memes...

it was great meeting you last night... I love blog meet ups... its so funny because initially I am taken off guard and always feeling bad because I assume that I know the people and completely forgot... so I'm relieved when its a blogger so I dont feel bad for not recognizing the person.

Either way... it was a great night in BK. Next week Jill Scott...

Oh and the pic we took it up!

Anonymous said...

Appreciate you stopping by....don't forget to check out interview with Keyshia Coles Mom!!

M!Ss BrO0kLyN said...

So stealing this from you and "EB?" I gotta say i love the content...

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Great list!!

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