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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Its been since forever since I've blogged. This is due to the fact that there is nothing and I mean nothing going on in my life that I can really put out here.. well that was until now, because I'm kind of sick and tired of meeting crazy people. I've come to the conclusion that I have an internal magnet that just attracts these crazy's to me! Ok, let me take you back a couple of weeks, I was headed to work on one of those gloomy Monday mornings and was talking idly to a fellow train rider about the book that I was reading. I had become so engrossed in the "Twilight" saga's that I had to talk to everyone about it (if you haven't read it, you should.. Movie comes out tomorrow)
Anywho, there was this guy on the train staring at me. I tend not to pay attention to these types of men, because more often than not they aren't my type.

After the girl who I was talking to got off the train, he commences to step out of his shell and talk to me. I am not a snob, nor am I standoffish so I speak back to him. Just random questions that people ask you when they are trying to get to know you. As I reach my destination, he asks for my number, not wanting to rule him out because he wasn't what I thought was drop dead gorgeous I gave him my card. He said he'd call me and I was off to work. Fast forward 3 days, he texts me (yes sends me a text NOT a call but a text) to ask me if I'd like to meet up. I say sure and tell him to meet me at the local Starbucks, since I am a fan and was in serious crave mode for a "White Chocolate Mocha with Soy Milk and no foam;" I thought it was the best place to meet and talk and satisfy my cravings all in one shot.

Anywho, we meet up and he's just as I remembered him, short, bald, but smelled really nice. I am such a sucker for a man that smells good. So we go in, I order my coffee and he orders his. We begin talking, and the conversation is ok, its just regular. He tells me he was married, and that's fine, because now a days men have some baggage. Then homey (that's what he's been reduced to now) tells me that he has kids, see I have no problems with men having kids, because again things have changed and men sometimes have baggage now too... but what the stipulation was that he had what he called "twins" or rather "black people" twins. I had to ask, what that meant... see he has two children that are both 4 years old, but not, and I REPEAT NOT from the same MOTHER! Ok, that made me cock my head to the side for a bit. I asked him to explain, the goes on to say that his wife had gotten pregnant than left him, and then he met someone else and she got pregnant too, so he has two children both 4 from two different women! Daughter born in August, son born in November. (Yes, I was in total HELL NAW moment) But I didn't want to get up and just leave him where he sat so I just continued on with the conversation. After about an hour he said lets walk around the neighborhood.

Now, I know that was my clue to yawn and say that I was tired and was gonna go home, but I don't know what made me stay. So we continue to talk, at this time, homey loops his arms around mine. "HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE!! YOU DON'T OWN ME! I DON'T SEE NO RING ON MY FINGERS... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY?" was all that I was thinking. I didn't say that to him, although I should have, I just kindly stepped aside and said I wasn't comfortable. So we walked and talked and chatted for a while. He tried to loop his arm in again and this time I moved around and looked at this house that was decorated for Halloween. I had, had about enough of homeboy so I said I wanted to go home. I only lived about 4 blocks from where we were so he said he'd walk me. Fine, no arguments from me. Shoot, it was dark and I didn't want to walk alone. He drops me home and I give him a fake hug, and he says we should go out again, I say " You know my busy schedule, I'll let you know."

Now ever since that nightmare of an outing homey has hit me up EVERY morning, but yesterday took the cake. I normally just tell him that I am busy doing things for my friends, or church or recently doing things with my sorority, and he usually goes "OH so you Don't Want to see me?" and I promptly delete the message. And ignore, this morning's message just took the cake. "At exactly 8:18 a.m. while driving to the train station (gets me there quicker then I give mommy the car so she can drive herself to work) he hits me up Says Good Morning and asks me what I am doing today cause he's losin his mind not seeing me! WTF??? I really want to call him and say DUDE WE WENT ON A SORT OF DATE AND YOU HAVE YET TO CALL ME. YOU TEXT ME EVERY FREAKING DAY. GET A LIFE AND F**K OFF! But I don't, I just delete the message. My question is : How do I get him to stop it. I don't want to be mean or sound like the angry black woman, but he's pissing me off and its getting to the point where I don't care. Should I just cuss (yes cuss.. west indian in me) him stank and be done with it, or should I be nice and say : Listen, I don't appreciate you texting me everyday. If you were trying to get to know me, you wouldn't' text me. You'd have called. And I am not interested. Thank you."

what should I DO?????????????????? cause I am one step from going Haitian on him and giving him a good stank cuss.


Eb the Celeb said...

Ok first of all... your dead wrong for these drive by posts... and starting each one with "i haven't blogged in a while" lol

but when it comes to ol' boy I think you need to figure out why you dont like him... if its only because he texts and doesnt call then yes you should tell him that your not in HS and are not going to play that texting back and forth all day thing... Now if you dont like him because was no chemistry on your sorta kinda date then just say that because obviously the ignoring him is not making him go away... so you have to say something.

Ms. Liryc said...

Girl, life has been so boring that I have yet to find things to blog about, its just dead. I am trying to stop with the drive by's but nothing is coming as inspiration. But I hope the new year brings new things to talk about.

I spoke to old boy yesterday, he sent me an instant message (So H.S) and I call him on the fact that he texts instead of calls and he told me that he has a prepaid cell phone. Though I am not one to call someone on their finances, but I can't. its 2008 about to be 2009, there is no way that a damn near 30 year old man should have a prepaid cell phone. NO, absolutely NO WAY! I just can't. Then he says he's not fond of the fact that I'm always busy. I told him I love that I'm always busy and it keeps me sane and its not gonna happen. So I'm hoping he calls it quits and doesn't contact me anymore. So now its on to good things... I HOPE

Oh and eb.. no more drive by's I'll try to post every week. You and Knowitall have spoken and it will be done..

wynsters the tigress said...

i say, go haitian on him. that'll definitely keep him away.

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