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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A couple of my friends and I have been discussing this for a few days. Its seems like the internet is the newest way to find that love of your life that maybe around the corner

Many have gone to eharmony.com, or match.com, or even chemistry.com to find that "MR. RIGHT" that they've been in search of. I've looked at online dating and I don't think that its for me. I have enough with the crazies that I meet on the streets of NY do I have to add another medium for me to meet more crazy men! I am trying to refrain from them on a whole!! 

I remember back in the days, when AIM was the hottest thing ever. I remember girls and guys used to hook up because they found each other through chat rooms on AIM. Girls would tell guys that they'd meet up with them and have on something while in reality it would be something else, go meet up with the dude (or check him out first) and before you know it they were in a relationship

Or remember the phone chat lines where you'd call in and speak live or one on one with someone and then you'd exchange numbers at the end of the conversation, eventually meet up and then proceed with a relationship if you found it to be of interest to you. 

I remember those days, things were simple those days too, or was it because I was in my teens and there seemed to be an abundance of available men.. there always seemed to be someone interesting around for you to meet, I wonder what happened... Why are we in a state of social/intimate repression?

A friend of mine at work has found love through the world wide web. Through the power that is myspace she found and fell in love and eventually married this guy that she met on the site. At first she was a bit apprehensive about it, but after several dates and internet conversations they met up had some drinks, and then got married. Kudos to them for finding love but for me.. NOPE

I don't think that I can do that. First off there are too many creeps out there for me, secondly I don't trust that easily to believe that the guy in the picture on your page is really you! I've heard of countless encounters where the person isn't who they say they are and I am not trying to have that happen to me! NO thanks. I was set up by my bestie last year and look what happened I got IVORY and if you know the situation you know it wasn't a good one.. HE WAS CRAZY!!

For those who have tried internet dating how was you encounters? How was it for you? Would you recommend it to friends or women who are in search of that soul mate, or would you say to run for the HIGH Hills because they are just filled with insane people?

what do you say about internet dating?? Is it actually worth a try?

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