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Monday, February 2, 2009

I got this as a tag on Facebook. My cousin thought it would be a good idea to just tell a little about yourself to people who know you, or rather they think they know you. At first I was a bit skeptical cause I've wanted to be private about my life since the new people sometimes do not know how to keep their mouth shut about my business, but I decided to go ahead and do this one anyway. I like to be tagged every once in a while because it gives me something new and interesting to talk about rather than nothing at all.. So here goes

25 Random things about me

I am not going to tag anyone cause I don't think its necessary, but if you feel like you'd want to try this then go ahead, and send me a message so I can read yours.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.
(NOTE - This isn't binding - you do NOT have to do this)

1) I am still afraid of the dark. Must sleep with TV on.

2) I cannot stand ignorant people, its a disease that needs to be sifted out immediately!

3) I used to hate my dark skin when I was younger. I wanted to be light skinned cause the light skinned girls used to get all the attention cause of their complexion. (I'll blog about this later. I saw an old episode of Tyra and I'll address this later)

4) I HATE being made fun of, I don't like constant jokes being cracked on me. I may laugh at it, but believe that I'm not laughing on the inside. I try not to think anything of it but then it gets cruel and I've had enough of that, so It makes me shut down and avoid you and not like to hang with you either.

5) I cry a lot.

6) I love love love make-up (some of you or most of you already know that)

7) I battle depression heavily. I tried killing myself before, just got too chicken to do it. But I've gotten it under control. I just try to think positive thoughts, and if that doesn't work I pray and cry about it till it goes away.

8) I want to be successful in anything that I do, just haven't figured out what it is that I want to be successful at yet.

9)I work at the library and I feel like I'm losing brain cells. I don't do anything stimulating

10) God is who I fear most.

11) I am afraid of catching a disease. I run to the doctors every chance I get. I'm a hypochondriac

12) I used to draw, and was really good at it.

13) I want to get a boob job, ever see the movie the sweetest thing. 20 / 28.. that's how it is right now.. they used to be higher up! What happened???

14) I'm really really shy. I can flirt with a guy that I don't like, but when its a guy that I like I clam up and don't say anything cause I'm afraid he'll reject me.

15) I like my mommy/daughter days. We didn't do them much when I was younger. She worked 7 days a week to get me through school. Now I wish I could spend every day with my mom, she's all I have!

16) I wish I had a brother or sister.. being an only child sucks

17) I resented my biological father for a long time, he left my mom when I was born. I'm over it! We're better off without him

18) There are days when I think I'm still in love with my ex Idris.. just don't know why!

19) I am addicted to youtube... I watch makeup tutorials and everything on there..

20) I wish I could pick up and move to Italy.

21) Trying to be more private, I've learned that I need to keep my big mouth shut at times and not say anything and as I've gotten older its gotten easier. (kind of a contradiction with me doing this isn't it?)

22) I used try to make everyone like me, but now I really don't care.. you like me you like me, you don't then you don't. I could care less..

21) My favorite color is grey.. its not really a color though if you think about it, its a shade, cause its a combination of both black and white, but its my favorite

22) I have a pet turtle named Terry, he's only 6 months old. Very cute.

23) I want to bungee jump one of these days, though I'm afraid of heights? weird hunh??

24) I say stupid things when I'm nervous to lighten up the mood.

25) I used to hate my name, thought it was way too long, especially the YVES part, but its grown on me.

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