Monday, February 16, 2009

Ever wonder what your dreams mean (literally like someone tell you word for word). Wish that you could get a definite translation as to what your dream meant, because it can drive you crazy trying to decipher what it was that was done or said in the dream?

Well that's what I feel right about now. I had a dream (total cliche) the other night about a friend of mine, well I wouldn't call him a friend per say, but more of an acquaintance, a long time friend that has rekindled a friendship with me and we're on the getting to know you stage of our friendship. (BTW, my homey who I told off, but I have feelings for has yet to contact me not even a happy valentine's day, I think I hurt his feelings, but thats another story)

Ok, back to my dream! I don't actually recall the specifics of what happened before but I do remember that me and my acquaintance were in the same place at the same time... it wouldn't be too far from the truth being that he and I do have some of the same friends. So, we were hanging out and just talking about idle random things in my dream. Then before you know it, he's kissing me... its one of those kisses that you get lost in. The ones that have you all lost in it because its so real. One of those kisses... I was transfixed in the dream because I didn't expect it from him, especially because I didn't think he saw me in that light but in the dream it felt more real than anything.

I remember in one of my psychology classes reading up on dreams. The founder and creator of interpretive dreams Freud had a lot to say when it came to dreams and their meanings. Freud would say that I was having these dreams because of some unconventional desire to sleep with the man or because I had some longing for him in ways that my conscious and my subconscious were fighting but that is Freudian theory and we all know that sometimes Freud was a little sick.

But there is a part of me that wonders if Freud was right. I mean he is a good looking guy, really good looking but I didn't or I haven't seen him in that way? He's just a cool person, and because I have a dream doesn't mean that I should start checking him out now should it?

I have my own theory. Since it happened on valentines night I think its my desire to have someone close to me. Last year, for valentine's day I was with Ivory. He and I had a good valentines but we all know how that relationship ended... So, I'm deducing that I just wanted a Valentine's kiss, just wanted someone to be close to. But, then the question still remains why him? Why not be someone that I really have feelings for like my homey DJ, wouldn't it seem more logical to dream about someone that you really want to be with?

Its one of those things that make you go hmmmmmm!!!

I would tell my acquaintance that I had  dream about him but then that would put us at an awkward place and Lord knows I do not need any more awkward situations than the ones that I am in now. 


Mimi said...

Thanks for stopping by my spot Ms. Liryc! :)

Sometimes I take dreams at face value, and that's because some of them actually played out the same way in real life.

But I think it's like what you said, It's probably cuz it was Valentine's day.

Ms. Liryc said...

I think so too mimi.. I told my mom and she said that its just a dream and sometimes they don't have any meanings...

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