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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why is honesty so hard for some people? Why is it so difficult for people to just tell the truth about something when asked. Is it some kind of internal mechanism that tells you not to tell the truth, to avoid it at all costs?

Or is it because Truth or Honesty go hand in hand with Trust? I guess if you can't trust someone you can't be honest with them now can you? I have been having this internal battle of telling someone I care about the truth. I need to get somethings off my chest but I'm afraid. Does that mean that I don't trust him? I don't think so, but do I trust him is the next question? I'm kind of stuck there though, I do feel like I can tell him things and be open with him, but its what I have to tell him that I'm afraid is going to get me into trouble. No its not anything life threatening or malicious but it can change the way our relationship is, and we're really good friends, great friends actually.

Why not be honest with him is what I ask myself? What do I really have to hide from him? I mean, He tells me everything, says that I am the only girl he can be truly himself with and be open with, so why not come out and just tell him the honest truth? I don't know.. its like I start to say what I am thinking and then I shut up and talk about something else. Don't I trust him enough to tell him what I need to?

What is it about being honest that makes it hard?

I know many would say its because of past relationships and what not.. but if I am trying to move on and leave that behind why should that be my crutch? Shouldn't I reciprocate the open lines of communication that he has extended to me? If I am supposed to be his friend and his confidant and all the things that entail a good relationship should I be honest and trusting of him just because he feels that way with me?

I'm stuck!

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