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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why did I open up my big mouth again??

YEAH, that's right.. I wanted to be honest.. wanted to tell the whole truth!! Um, yeah I think I learned my lesson!

OK, here's the scoop. My ex (dated when I was 19) and I have been really cool friends, great friends even for the last year and a half. We talk, we bullshit, we hang out watch sports, all the good stuff friends do with one another, all the while I've been keeping this secret from him. The secret was that I still had some feelings for him despite my friendship with him. So I decided to take the ride from my home in Brooklyn, to his in the Bronx. Mind you this is a 2 hour subway ride.. but I sucked it up and just took the train there. First mistake!

I get to his place and we're sitting and chit chatting like normal. And then he busts out with the questions... I had told him before I got there that I had somethings to tell him.. (STUPID ME) Feeling like I'm backed into a corner I do the easiest thing to get out... I pull the "I have to go the bathroom" trick.

So we begin talking (after my faux potty break of course) and I tell him that I've been kind of jealous lately. He asks me why? I finally confess that it bothers me when he has other girls around him like that. Second mistake!

He goes on to tell me that he already knew and that he could sense it by the way I'd act when we were hanging and other girls were around. He'd go on and say that he noticed this since we first dated back in 2000. Then it was question after question, after question, I mean I didn't mind answering them, and I answered truthfully, because I promised myself that I was going to remain very truthful! I wasn't going to lie about anything at all! He asked me if I loved him.. I was afraid of that.. DAMN MAN!! I told him I was going to be truthful.. So I said YES I LOVE You.. ( THIRD MISTAKE)    BUT I am not IN LOVE WITH YOU, I don't think he heard that last part. We talk we laugh, we say we'll see what happens. That was last week.

Fast forward to today.....

HOMEY texts me and asks "how long he has to wait to get some!"


I had to have read wrong, because I know he wasn't coming out of pocket to me like that... I know that he knows me better than to come out and say some stupid nonsense like that.. Or at least I am hoping he knew me better than that. I was taken so aback that I didn't response initially. I had to let that marinate for a while before I wrote back to him, and bet believe that I wrote back

I told him that he didn't know me if he thought that I was going to do something so stupid, I don't care how long I've known him! I told him that he cannot disrespect me like I'm some side line hoe he can talk to. 

Me: "I am not one of your groupie friends, please show me respect cause that's what I show you. And remember you would never want a guy talking to your daughter the way you are speaking to me..." " You want your daughter spoken to the way you spoke to me.. CHECK THAT SHIT!!"

He instantly retracted his statement! 

HIM: "I was just kidding, I don't want none I was just joking around with you!"

Me: "Whatever.."

He turns around and tells me to have a nice day cause he didn't mean it like that..

From that point on my day was ruined.. I mean how dare you? How the hell do you think you can come at me like that?? Did I give you the vibe that I'm some trick? Some scallywag, trick from around the way? If that's the message I sent to you, dude you are mistaken! Totally, I mean dude I care for you but don't get it twisted I will get out of my face at you! There is no reason at all for you to say that to me.. caring can change instantly I don't think he wants that!

I'm so sorry I said anything. I should've kept my big mouth SHUT! 

I'm officially PISSED!!


Keli said...

I guess I could see why you could be upset...

but actually, sex with friend you love and trust is better than sex with someone you're head over heals for and you're not sure where he is...

I would rather be upfront, then play head games to get it. Got to respect him for coming out and asking for what he wants.

Anonymous said...

I am going to play devils advocate here. I honestly think he was just joking. Breaking the silence or ice so to speak. I think maybe you over reacted because of your feelings for him. I hope you don't throw out your friendship with him over a little innocent text :(

Ms. Liryc said...

you ladies, really think that I over reacted.. I just thought it was rude. I mean I'm not a prude or anything, and I am usually really cool with sex talk but I thought that he came out of pocket with it.

And I do care for him in every way possible.. but it was so random that it made me feel awkward and cheap.. Its like he threw what I said to him out the window and just made a focus on sex... but I'll see.. I have to see if he talks to me ..knowing him it'll be a while.

The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

Nah... dude was out of pocket. Funny enough, I just blogged about similar shit, and respecting "code". Since you were honest, he felt he had the upper hand and could manipulate a situation for his own benefit. He played himself. He wasn't joking. He wanted to see how far you would take it

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