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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Its been a while since I've written. Been busy working and getting ready to start on a new venture in my life. Well first let me tell you about the job, my current job is about to be my old job!!

I have been accepted into the June 2009 NYC teaching fellow program!! I am excited, and also very nervous. I have been in the library system since I graduated from H.S. in 1999 and I'm making a big step into the working world were what I do doesn't only affect me but it also affects the children I will be teaching. I must say that this is the beginning of many beautiful things for me, well I hope thats what happens. I know that I am going to be teaching in the "needed" schools but I like giving back, I can relate to these kids I hope that I can make a difference... I'll keep you posted. I leave my job at the library on the 1st of June, and right now I have the "I don't wanna do anything and you can't fire me so ha attitude!" I'm working, but not working.

As for the men in my life, hmmmm its non-existent. The guys that I used to talk to have since disappeared and I'm ok with it. I am not confused nor do I wonder what happened either. Sometimes in life things happen that way and you just have to accept things as they are. That doesn't mean that I am going to be keeping myself away! No definitely not, I am open to dating and getting to know someone on a personal level and if it works out then its fine, and if not then thats ok too.. No need to over analyze (hard for me cause I think and plan a lot)

Family members are eh, sometimes they ask how I'm doing sometimes they don't and I'm fine with it. I'm about me! Making myself a better person than I was yesterday, they stopped asking for things, stopped asking for me to do things, I told them about my new venture a couple were happy a couple said nothing, not a congrats nothing... but you know something thats Ok, cause I'm happy for myself cause I worked hard for it and I made it happen..

Now only thing is to look for a school to teach in. Thats the only thing with the fellowship, they do not look for a school to place you in. You have to find it on your own, I'm on my search now.. so if any of you know of schools in the brooklyn area, that is hiring for the fall in special education please let me know...

I'll post more often, I have some office drama to tell...

Until next post.


KindredSmile said...

Congrats on the gig! I know you'll do well!

Ms. Liryc said...

@ Kindred... thanks.. I'm a nervous wreck but the vote of confidence is very much appreciated!!

MsKnowitAll said...

I already said it but....


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