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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My friend and sawrah has been avidly blogging, she's gotten addicted to the blogger world, and I have to admit that I have fallen in love with her blog site! The reason for this post is because she has been talking a lot about her bond with God and letting us all into the path of faith that she has been walking, and I find that my own path with God has wandered off into almost non-existence.

I am a strong believer in God, anything you ask will always have an answer that leads back to God and having him first, but as of late last year I have found that my bond with him has faltered. I know its not his fault its mine, and mine alone and I have yet to reconcile that. I haven't gone to church like I should, and I haven't been reading my bible as I used to. I do talk to him, but not as much as I used to, (God and I used to have these long talks about everything, and yes he answers back, that voice isn't your conscious telling you things its him.. listen carefully)

I went to a retreat with my mom this past sunday after spending the night partying it up with friends, needless to say I was exhausted. When I got home from the party on Sunday morning I had enough time to change my shirt and my shoes and hop on a bus to head to an all day long spiritual retreat. I was upset and tired and aggravated. I wanted to know why I was the one that always had to go and why my other cousins couldn't go? I behaved like a child and I was being a brat, I was all for losing my $40 that I paid to go on this trip. I huffed and puffed but got on the bus, I went to the retreat and I fell in love by the end of the day, exhaustion aside I was glad that I went.

Do you ever wonder how many times God is going to give a sinner like us a chance to make things right? How many time is he going to welcome us with open arms until he's tired of our saying sorry and turning around and doing something else that's so stupid? I know he's a forgiving God and loving father, but you ever wonder when he's had enough of our lame attempts of doing things right, and just failing? Or is it just me?

I witnessed a lot of great things at this retreat. I feel a stronger bond with God, I feel that I will be getting back to my ways of prayer reading. ( To really hear God speak, try writing down what you have to say to him, and see what he says back to you.. when you write down what he says and read it back to yourself, you'll be pleasantly surprised) I prayed and cried and felt good afterwards, I needed that release and I'm glad I got it. When it was time for us to leave the church grounds I felt uplifted and weightless... I know its going to take some time before I go back to going to church and reading my bible, but I know one thing is for sure.. MY GOD, OUR GOD, loves me beyond words, and I LOVE HIM through it all... and though I may fall a million and one times, I know he'll be there to receive me a million and one times.. I just have to try harder...
With easter on Sunday, I want to tell you, all of you who have strayed a bit from our father, give him a ring.. he's always there to pick up and he's always there to listen to you whenever you have a problem or just to talk, and one thing for sure, he keeps all your secrets.

Just get up! Don't stay down... GET UP!!!

Live in Love, cause GOD is LOVE!!
Have a wonderful easter!


Mimi said...

I always wondered if God would one day give up on me, cuz I could never seem to get it right.

I would start going to church on the regular, reading my word and praying. But somewhere I always fell off the wagon.

I'm so glad God is so forgiving.

I've learned that we shouldn't scold ourselves so hard when we fall, just get up and try again. That's all he asks. Just make the effort to do it right.

I'm glad you got to go to that retreat.

Ms. Liryc said...

@ Mimi.. I'm glad too.. so many things were brought to my attention. I know better now!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Nice Vid babygurl

Ms. Liryc said...

sorry about the link, its acting up.. Imeem is being mean to me!

Anonymous said...

This was def a good read. I fee like I shoud pray 5xs a day in steady of 2. I talk to him throughout the day but I feel like I should do better. Man, I didnt know your blog would be this great! Thanks for adding me as well. It feels good to know people read my work just as much as I read theirs, Even if its not age appropriate at times LOL

leighandrea said...

This is my first time reading your blog...I feel God lead me to read this because I am exactly in the same state now. I use to have a deeper relationship with God but I have let it go to the back burner because of my own selfish ways. Thank you for sharing your experience...I pray that the Lord restores me.

Blu Jewel said...

Nice post lady. It's so good and important to look deeper into ourselves and find out who and what we really are and made of.

My spiritual journey has always been one of faith and maintaining a personal relationship with God. He's carried me through when others turned their backs on me and for that I'll always be grateful.

No matter how many times we step away, at least we know He'll always take us back with open arms and when we keep Him in that special place within us, we'll always have a home.

I'm in the fortunate position to have my mentor, surrogate mother, friend, spiritual adviser and minister all in one person and we work together, so I'm able to have church at any given time of day. Our gatherings are always fulfilling and leave me more nourished than before.

Looking deeper helps us grow in so many ways.

Love to live; live to love!

Ms.Honey said...

Sometimes we all need a lil spiritual awakening and I think it keeps us on the right track..glad you had a wonderful time..as did I...and I will def be stopping by again :)

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I thank my Savior every day that he doesn't give up on me!!
I know my Redeemer lives......
Lovely, thoughtful post :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

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