metro sexual does not = to gay!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

While making my trip around the office cause these are my last days in the office, my co-worker stops me and asks me a very random question.. he asks if a metro-sexual man can be deemed gay? Wth? Where did this question come from and why was he asking me? But I decided to oblige and answer; At first I was going to say yes, but then I thought no.

See, I like a well groomed man. A man who knows how to wear his clothes and not have his clothes wear him. But many men can take this the wrong way and see it as guy being undercover gay. Just cause a guy takes pleasure in keeping himself clean and proper doesn't mean that he's gay. Not by any means is he gay. I just think that he has a strong sense of self and takes pride in making sure that his shoes are clean, his clothes are well done his hair is freshly cut and that his nails do not have dirt under them. Read "How to know if you're a Metrosexual" The men that I consider metro-sexual are always well taken care of.

Here are some guys that I consider metro-sexual.

John Legend

Jude Law

David Beckham (he is so sexxxy, just damn)

Brian White ( I LOVE HIM, I'd have his babies if he and I met but that's another story)

and of course the quintessential metro-sexual male in my book, who is sometimes seen as a homosexual would have to be my homey..

Kanye West

Now that I got your attention on the subject matter you see what I am talking about when I say metro sexual males. I know some of you may not agree when it comes to Kanye but I don't think he's gay, and if he is so what the man knows how to dress. A well dressed man is like finding the right pair of shoes. When you find one you just sit and watch in awe and admiration and also its just a great thing. I love a well groomed man and these men are well groomed. Why does a man's sexuality have to be questioned when he is clean and wrinkle free? If a guy goes to get his hands manicured or gets a pedicure he's questionable. Wearing pink doesn't make you gay or questionable either ( I think a real man can wear pink and look fabulous in it) You aren't gay if you wear a pink shirt, that myth is for little boys who think girls have cooties...

See Kanye makes it look GOOD!!

Ladies don't you love when you man looks and smells good?? I know I do, I can sniff you or make a reason to walk by and smell you if you're on of the guys who splash (not bathe in) good smelling cologne. Guys don't you like to smell and look good? Does it make you gay if you are in a certain attire? Do you look at a guy suspiciously if he's doing something that you wouldn't consider manly??

Let me know your thoughts!!

Metro-sexual does not = gay!! Well in my book it doesn't


Blu Jewel said...

My name is Blu Jewel and I endorse this post. Yes, girl; yes! There is something so hella sexy about a man who looks good, smells good, and dresses well. Metro to me is just a guy who takes pride in his appearance and grooming. Although I do think there are those that take it a little too far, I still don't associate them with being gay.

As for David Beckham; *swoon* he is undoubtedly metro and hella sexual!

love to live; live to love!

MsKnowitAll said...

I love you Nellz, you know I do... but ummm Brian White... raises my eyebrows a little... I overstand your like but...

I'm a thug lova myself. But I still like the men, even Brian White, that you chose.

Ms. Liryc said...

Blu.. I am with you! I love me a well groomed men, I have a certain thing for a guy who smells good.. love me some good smelling men

knowitall... I think I should've put up a pick of michael jai white to make you happy hunh?? Brian White is sexy, he's just yum!! And please no raising eyebrows at brian.. please.

Azure said...

I mean its cool to be metrosexual but some dudes go to the extreme which leads me to say he's borderline tangy and that's when I say its a PROBLEM! Ohkay *snaps in a circle*

Mimi said...

There is a fine line with wanting to look nice and grooming for 2 hours before you leave the house.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a well-groomed and nice smelling. My sweetie always smells lovely, it's a turn-on.

But if he ever starts taking way time than me to get ready, then we're going to have a problem.

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