Broken - Michael J. Jackson

Saturday, June 27, 2009

As I sit here typing this blog, I am in tears. It feels as if someone from my own family has passed away. It has taken me a couple of days to get over this feeling of awe and disbelief. I feel like some part of me has been torn out and shred into peaces. I sit and look at video's of Michael and I question why he had to go? He was on the verge of coming back to redefine himself. Why will he not have the chance to do that? Why will we not get to see him do what he loved?

God why did he have to go so soon? Why did you take him from us? Lord I know your perfect will be done but I just don't understand. I guess its not for me to understand but to just accept but I am having a real hard time trying to gather the reason or rather accept this loss, I really can't gather the reason as to why.

I remember my mom telling me that as a kid the only way for me to eat was to play the song "Heal the World" I loved that song, and even still today that is one of my favorite Michael collaborations. He was an icon, a true troubadour of pop culture. He reached so many people from here and across seas that hearing him go has left a void in my heart.

Media made a mockery of who he was, they said untrue things about a man that broke the mold and made leaps and crossed bounds when many were afraid. He came up during a time of segregation and hatred for the blacks but he was accepted and revered by all those who came into contact with him. Everyone loved his music, and they loved him.

Lord again why?? I am trying to accept but I'm finding trouble getting past the question of why? Yes it is Human nature, but I'm still having trouble please help me to understand.

While many are saddened by his death, others are happy because they didn't see the beauty in who he was, many only saw the bad things that the media posted about him. They didn't see the humanitarianism that he did, they didn't see the unity that he provided, they didn't take into account the barriers he broke just by being MICHAEL JACKSON!

I was in love with Michael from the first time I saw the replay of Motown 25 in 1987. I had just come up from Haiti and they played this and I just knew that one day I would end up marrying Michael. LOL... I remember watching the Moonwalker movie and wishing I was the little girl in the movie.. I wanted Michael to come and save me. He was just so suave and cool, everything about him was so cool.. If you have never seen the movie Moonwalker now is the time to definitely see it. I loved it! I can't believe I have to say goodbye to Michael!! I just can't believe it...

There was something about this young man, you knew who he was no matter where you came from, NO matter what language you spoke just saying his name would bridge any language gap that you and another person may have.

Sadly on June 25th he was taken from us. He was only 50... he had years ahead of him.. I don't care what he looked like, I don't care how light he was, or how much plastic surgery he had, he was MICHAEL!! Michael didn't need to explain himself, he was who he was and that was it.

So as I sit here crying my eyes out because of the loss of this great person, please remember to tell your loved ones that you care for them, please don't let the minor things become major problems because tomorrow isn't promised to us. We aren't sure how the next moment will turn out.

MICHAEL J. JACKSON ~ AUGUST 29,1958- JUNE 25, 2009





Ladynay said...

Awwwwwww, hope you have started to heal.

Ms. T said...

Love tghe moonwalk clip.

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