All Men are Dogs!!??!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The day old saying by a lot of women is that all men are dogs! Women scorned by cheating boyfriends or husbands are quick at the mouth with this phrase and it makes some women wonder if it is true. Are all men dogs?

Yesterday, while I was enjoying my day off (Perks of Being a NYC teacher) my bestie calls me and tells me to log on to facebook because there is something that I should see. I do so and I watch this video that was posted on her page. I instantly click share and put it on mine because the message on it is so true. In the video this young lady talks about the notion that most women think that men are dogs.

She says that we women have lists with things that a man should posses but then turn around and that same woman doesn't have what she has on her list for her definition of a good man. The video goes on and the lady says that for a woman to find herself a good man she needs to be in love with herself. Not just any kind of love, but a deep passionate love. A love that knows no limits and only then will she be able to find a man for her.

I found this video to be so inspirational, and so true. SO many women are quick to point blame and point fingers at what this man doesn't have or what this man does have and why she can't find one and the reason why she is single, but in essence she's the one that has the issues. She's the one that is lacking and that's the reason's why she can't find a good man.

SO many women need to take a good look at themselves. They need to reevaluate their lists and their criteria. Some need to understand that certain things are attainable only if they possess them. This isn't to say that many man aren't messed up, that's the last thing I'd say. What I will say is that if you're searching for Gold, I am hoping that you yourself are as good as GOLD!

Though this video is specifically directed at women I think both genders need to take a look at themselves. Both men and women need to step back and take a good long look in the mirror. (Listen to Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror") They need to take a good look at themselves and ask themselves "The things I am asking for in a mate, do I possess these things also?" Many will say yes but in actuality the answer will be NO!

What do you think?


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Very good post Liryc... and so so true.

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