Can't Knock His HUSTLE

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am probably late on posting this but many have seen Jay-Z on the Oprah show this past week. I was busy at school learning and I wasn't able to watch the show... until last night. Let me first say that if you know me, you know that I am a huge, and I do mean HUGE Jay-Z fan.. loved him from the first time I heard "Can't Knock the Hustle featuring Mary" back when I was in H.S. I remember hearing that song and just vibing to the tunes. When Reasonable Doubt hit the stores I remember rushing to get the cd, and from since then I've been hooked!

Mary Sings:
I'm taking out this time
To give you a piece of my mind (cause you can't knock the hustle)
Who do you think you are
Maybe one day you'll be a star.

Seeing him on Oprah was almost unbelievable, mainly because Oprah stated openly how much she didn't like rap music or rappers. She protested against Ludacris being on her show when "Hustle and Flow" came out. She didn't want Ice-T on her show because of the way that he treated women, but here you have it, years later Mr. Shawn Carter on the set of today's most influential television personalities EVER!! Many will dispute how it came to be that Jay got on her show, man will give credit to many different reason's some may say that Jay being on Oprah can either be credited to him being married to Beyonce, or because Oprah has finally wanted to be open and hear about rap! If the latter is the case then why not want to hear about it from one of the best that ever did it, but any way you have it Brooklyn's Own was on her show.

I sat in front of my computer in awe of what was happening, most importantly I was upset that my friends that lived in the Stuy didn't call me to tell me that Jay and O were in town. I would've left everything that I was doing to see that, but it already happened and I can't cry cause I didn't get to see them.... *sniffle sniffle.* I loved how relaxed he was on the show. He was really humble and willing to talk about everything. Well almost everything, only thing that wasn't discussed was his wife Bey! We got to see a little bit of who Jay was away from the media hype. Loved how he hugged his nephew. He even made jokes on Oprah! The first half of that Oprah episode had me glued.

While they did touch upon the word "nigga" (they agreed to disagree) many things could've been discussed on the show in my opinion. They should've touched upon Oprah's dislike for rappers. How come she doesn't see the poignancy of the style of music. They could've spoken about the barriers that have been broken because of rap music. Some things were skated by and to me that should've been something that would've made a difference in the show.

Another would have been to have people who were actual Jay-Z fan's in the audience. Most of the people who were at the taping knew who Jay-Z was, but they didn't know his music. They probably couldn't recite any of his lyrics. Most were probably aware of who he is because of his famous wife but did they know of how he got there.

So many people have been touched by Jay-Z. His philanthropy alone says a great deal about who this man is and how he got to where he was. Came from nothing to something, and that is amazing. I am going to pick up the "O" magazine and read it. I hope that it contains things that weren't said on TV.


Somethin Special... said...

I've neva been a HUGE Jay fan. I like him I listen to the songs don't own any albums never been to any concerts. But I respect him as an entertainer. I DO hope that his appearing on Oprah has opened the door for other rappers to get a chance to appear on Oprah. J has some pretty jacked up videos too. Not as bad as Tip Drill But Luda isn't JUST his music. Same for Ice T... So I hope that we as people.. and not just as Black People.. can learn to agree to disagree and support one another. Great Post by the way Lyric!!

Ms. Liryc said...

Something special.. girl you're awesome.. Love the love.. I do agree that Jay did have some really jacked up video's but I see his maturity. Luda is more than just his music, and I would hope that Oprah has seen this and is now open to different entertainers gracing her stage. Cause you know, once you've been on Oprah you know you've made it

Crankyputz said...

Seeing Jay on Oprah made me appreciate him more, loved the humble, sweet personality he had...

MsKnowitAll said...

I didn't see the show! (Pouting)
But I like that as Oprah has grown, she is open to having an artist like Jay-Z on her show.

By the way, you know that O! is available online through the library's website... free... of... charge... of course it's full-text, no pics.

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