He Wants that OLD thing back!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I always remember the line, that "you don't know what you have until its gone." I've heard it but I have never experienced it.... until now. I remember a couple of months ago reading I was reading eb the celeb's post about wanting an old thing back, but I have never thought about being with someone old (old as in we've been there before) or wanting something that I had back. That is until now (I'm still debating.)

I had lunch with an ex of mine.. and NO it wasn't Ivory, I'd shoot myself in the foot with rusty nail than have lunch with that psycho but I digress. But yes I did have lunch with an ex. He called during the early morning and said that he'd be in the neighborhood, and would want to have lunch. Under normal circumstances I'd say HELL NO, but I'm trying to be a much nicer and understanding person, also its free food that I don't have to pay for... so I said why not.

Usually ex's don't get a shot at being friends no matter what. Being friends would require that we have no feelings for one another and also that he and I stay out of the way of being in confined close quarters so that no feelings arise. I know how I get, and sometimes I have no control, ok let me be frank most time I'm the savage beast that takes over and rips the clothes off, but that's another story!

So, we meet during lunch and its like old friends shooting the shyt. We talk about his job, and mine, our family, his daughter, him going back for his masters and me writing his recommendation (I might) and just some old friends that he has seen. Then he bring up our relationship of the past.

Now its one thing to meet for lunch with your ex, but its another thing when he wants to talk about what was. I thought to myself, where the heck was this coming from, and why is he asking me that. To be quite honest I said to myself, what kind of B***H S**T is this? Seriously dude.. you want to talk about what?

You have got to be kidding.
So we continue with lunch, and we reminisce.. food was good too. Long story short I start to think about it during the ending of our lunch. How cool would it be that all this time that I thought that he was a sucker *ss sucker he was actually the guy for me? What would our grand kids say about us (yes it went there..) don't tell me that you don't think like that too.. It happens.. SHOOT!! SO, I lose all track of time because I think I have time to get back before classes start. I look at the time and finally realize what time it is, and I have to rush back into school. He drops me off and says that he'll be in touch, and its for two reasons.. one is to talk about his Masters and the second is to see when we could see each other again and see if we can make things right?

As I walk back into my classroom I think, would getting back together be a good idea?
Can I re-date someone I broke up with years ago?

Would you re-date someone because they claimed that they changed and that things are different now?


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

LOL @ grandkids. I think like that too. Way ahead of myself. This is the second post I've come across in regards to second chances. I don't know what to think of that! LOL. But I always feel like if it's meant to be, then it will be. If he's changed, actions speak louder than words. He needs to be the change he wants you to see. And who knows what may come of it. Have fun in the meantime and good luck!

Ladynay said...

dont do it cuz you bored and/or lonely...thats all I will say

Somethin Special... said...

Do it ONLY if things have changed... Honestly I had the SAME situation happen with me and My X this week. I mean on some "Yo I'm serious would u be interested in us getting back together? I can understand if you'd say no but I want to know.. If you want to tell me.." Talk about blow my mind. As you could possibly tell from some of my posts on my own blog I have more than a little love left for him. One thing that has stayed on my mind this week and also in my heart is what a friend said that I know you heard as well... "If God can give me a billion chances Who am I to refuse someone a second chance" Pray on it.. If its for you jump in. If not.. maybe this is the opening for a friendship maybe? You both have changed in the years (hopefully) if not romantically you guys might still vibe on a different level. Don't think of what WAS move forward to what CAN be.

Ms. Liryc said...

@ Starla.. I always think about my future and the kids, weird but its what comes to mind at first. But I will take my time and see what happens.

@Ladynay, LOL LOL.. I don't think I'd do it cause I'm bored. As for being lonely.. that might have been a reason, but now that you mentioned it, I will definitely take my time with my decision.

@Something Special AMEN girl.. Yes I know that we are given second chances at many things in life and by Gods grace I'm renewed.. I've grown and I hope that he has also but I am definitely praying on it. As for you and your ex (yes I know you have more than just a little bit of love for him) take your time too, make sure that this is where you want to be. I will pray with you, as you pray with me!

MsKnowitAll said...

I am sooo late, but then again, I had no idea you were blogging regularly again.

Welcome back!

I am currently re-dating an old flame and it's not bad. We didn't end on bad terms and some parts of the past we don't remember so we're having fun catching up. Will it lead to forever... ???

All we know is that right now, it's great.

Re-dating is good when you've grown up, he's grown up, and you are not interested in getting that old thang back but building new experiences....

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