To do or NOT to do!! Internet Dating!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I remember going out on a date with a guy I met over a phone chat thing years ago ( I want to say maybe 4 or 5 years.) He and I had linked on this phone thing that my bestie had introduced me to. I was bored (yeah you know the drill) and I called and we connected and talked and we thought that it would be good to finally come together and meet up. When we met for the first time I was so disappointed.

Back in those days the first questions asked on a chat was age/and how do you look. Home boy told me was 5'10 brown skin and built. He stated that he worked out and was an avid gym goer. But the day I MET HIM.... Jesus be a video-recorder!! He didn't look like he said he looked. Homey ended up being 5'3 (shorter than I am) and he wasn't as nice as he was on the phone.. To add insult to injury he was just head and shoulders (NO NECK) then he was rude when we were walking in the street. I had no doubt that he probably wasn't interested in me, as much as I was disinterested in him, but hey no reason to be a D**k about it, but again that was some years ago...

Fastfoward to today 2009.. The internet has become THE way to find that person that you hope to be your "soul-mate," "bedroom buddy," or "bf/gf for right now!" After my last encounter with Mr. Head (thats what he will be refered to now) I became a skeptic of finding love over the net or even over the phone. I heard recently that Essence Atkins (Half and Half) got married to this man that she met off of Really?? I would've never thought that a hollywood superstar... (well a used to be hollywood superstar) would need help in finding a man, but again its 2009 and times have gotten tough on just about everyone so eh, why not here.. yet and still I'm a skeptic...

So, my friend met this guy on the internet. She didn't sign up on a dating site, she met him because he mailed her to ask about something with his admissions application. She works at a prestigous university and he was seeking admissions for his Masters and emailed to ask her about the follow up. She emailed him instantly and thats where their internet fling began.

The emails turned to a phone call, and then it went back to emails. She tells me that they'd email each other every day. She'd send him little notes through out the day just to say hello. He did the same. He spoke about them meeting up to go out on a date, and wining and dining a lot of good things being exchanged b/w the two of them.

They make plans to go out because the suspense of meeting is killing them. She says that they exchange pictures and stuff over the net (ahh the perks of technology) they like what they see and decide to meet up soon. The emails continue and what not then all of a sudden BLAM... no more emails. She says she went away because there was something that needed to be done with the family, but she still kept in contact. When she gets back to work the emails have ceased. No more phone calls either. She decides to call him, and he doesn't pick up. She sends him email and he doesn't respond. Now my friend says that she's over guys for right now. She doesn't want to deal with any right now. She's a bit heart broken because of this dude. She says she will never try to internet date again. Now I know that she doesn't mean that because she will try again, she's just going through the motions but I'm thinking... can you really find love over the net???

Still a skeptic!!

But as I am getting older! My birthday is TOMORROW, I do want to find love.. should I make that jump and at least give it an actual TRY???


khaki said...

I mean- for every nice guy on the internet there is 4 jerks so you just have to be careful and weed them out. I've actually met some cool dudes on the internet but I also met a few assholes.
Good luck with it and dont invest too much time into everybody.

Tiffany Nicole said...

Yeah I feel you, imma bit of a skeptic myself. Tried it before and it wasn't what i thought it would be. I could have found the lames/losers/soonotwhattheysaidtheywas on my own! I decided to let love come to me. The funny thing is my S.O. and I got reconnected by the internet!

We went to high school together. I went to college locally he moved north. Now we have been rekindled for about a year and serious for the last 6.

Ms. Liryc said...

I really haven't gotten the courage to go on and try the dating on the net thing. I have my friend who said she is going to try eharmony, because all those commercials have made her want to see if she could find someone who she'd want to be with.

@Khaki, you are so right. There are a whole load of jerks on the net, and the bad thing is you won't really know who is not a jerk until the initial face to face meeting, and even then some play the right games.. UGH it's frustrating

@Tiffany See sometimes the net can make things happen, but you already knew your s.o. so does that even count as internet dating??? LOL LOL

MsKnowitAll said...

You know... I read about Essence Atkins and the thought crossed my mind... I internet dated years ago myself... probably over 10 years ago and it just didn't pan out for me. I prefer meeting people through association.

People do lie and you wonder why is Mr. Wonderful trying to meet people online when you know that there are like 20 women to every man... but life is about experiences. Take the time to make some or... switch up your circles and meet a new man through association...

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