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Monday, July 12, 2010

Yeah, and here we are again.. how many months later and still no updates on the blog!! WTF, yes I know.. life couldn't have taken me away from blogging that bad.. there has to be some time in the day to write.. yeah there should be, but I don't know where my passion has gone.. I think I need something to spice up my life, and help me blog again..

Any suggestions.. I'm all eyes to whatever you have to say.. please be mindful that I will try ALMOST anything!!

Thanks in advance..

Oh btw, no more promises.. just action..

Going to write as much as I can!


Anonymous said...

Drive carefully. It is not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker...................................................

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Sometimes its like that. We lose out writing mojo.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

DruRocSki said...

I know I am late to leaving a comment for this post (I just began to follow you). However, I always been one who liked to write whether it were short stories, poetry, or term papers lol. But, for about 1 yr I have not written anything and I have felt bad about it the entire time. But the problem I had was I just wasn't inspired by life for that entire year.

Although I was in a rut for an entire year it was one magical event on xmas that snapped me out of it. I had a horrible horrible xmas this year and I just felt the neeeeeeeed to you write it down and get my anger out.

So sometimes something in life will just bust you in the head and say write this down now! It can be something good or bad. But no worries girl it will come it will come.

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