Tuesday, September 25, 2012

As I did my daily ritual of work and work and more work I was struck with the longing to write and see what those words on paper would produce. As a bonafide procrastinator it wasn't until 10:41 tonight that I decided would be the right time to get these thoughts out and see what would come of them.

So what's plaguing me exactly? What is making me want to write? What do I need to get off my chest? Well, nothing actually. I was just thinking of my days at the NYPL and how I used to do a lot of things that I enjoyed, writing being one of them.

I am not a great writer by any means but this space used to be the space that I had that would allow me to get out those feelings that I tend not to share with everyone else. Though the writing has stopped the problems and daily dilemma's of life have not.  Where do I write? Where do I put my feelings? NO WHERE!! I drown myself in them, I just let them well up inside of me and then find some way to get them out.

I think I want to write again, but how do I get back to that space where I felt that I was comfortable to get my thoughts out on the computer or on paper? Why is this so hard??

I just needed to get this off my chest and since this space has documented some of the most prolific moments of my life and some of those moments where I had nothing but stupidity to write I thought I would just start here. I hope I can keep this up. Maybe if I do it for 3 weeks straight it will become a habit. Maybe write a couple of idea's down and then get to writing maybe just maybe I will be able to find that space where I was comfortable again.

I have also noticed that those who I used to enjoy reading have also slacked away from blogging, I guess life or whatever else has caught up with them and they too have decided that this was no longer a priority for them.

I hope to make this a priority for me, I don't have the exact answers how but I know that I do want to.

Hope to write again soon!

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