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Monday, February 18, 2013

Well I've taken another long and drawn out hiatus from the blogging world.

Like most people they will tell you that life has consumed them and that is the reason why they can't blog and that's the reason why they have been away, so I think I'll jump on that same bandwagon and say that, that's the exact reason why I haven't blogged in 1 maybe 2 years.

I would come back every now and again and say something like

I PROMISE TO BLOG, but you know how life goes. You know that its not the truth.

It is not like I cannot find the time to blog, and it's not like I don't have anything to blog about. Its just that I forget.

Yes, I said it. I said that I forget and its the truth.

I try to remember to write and put it on the net, but I get so wrapped up in the day and in my life that I have put my passion and my love of writing to the back burner. But NO more.. NO MORE  I SAY.

I will try to write more often. I will try to be more consistent in my blogging, especially since I have decided to write about reading on my other blog site.

So here goes it AGAIN..

 I'm back for the 3rd time, or is this the fourth... or is it the

Well whatever it is. I think I"m back for good... OK, OK, just for now. Sheesh, don't bite my head off! 

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