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Saturday, January 4, 2014

When I first started this blog oh so many years ago ( I want to say that its been 6-7 yrs) I had hoped that it would be a place where I could put down my thoughts and wishes and hopes for the world to see. I am not afraid to share and I'm not afraid to let anyone in. That being said I spent many days and weeks writing and putting myself out there and then... NOTHING. Its came to a point where writing was the farthest thing from my mind and my thoughts and updates about life took a back seat. Don't underestimate the fact that school and work and dating and everything else was hectic but what I enjoyed doing took a long and drawn out backseat to anything and everything. 

So here I am January 2014, and I'm writing again on this blog. Why? Well because, because, because I want to. I was speaking to one of my very close friends and she asked me one thing that I miss doing, the one thing that I would devote time to wholeheartedly, and this is the first thing that I could think of. I really missed blogging. I missed the time I took to write and then edit my words. I missed the feeling of talking to others who either have gone through what I went through or others who just stopped by and said that they enjoyed what I wrote. I just missed doing what I liked doing. From  youth I've enjoyed writing and I realize that I haven't been doing it as much as I would want to.

Now don't get me wrong I don't think that I'll become some famous blogger and what not I just want to put "me" down on paper, or rather the internet. My life isn't interesting like that by any means. I feel like I lead a very boring life, but I am not afraid to write about it. I am NOT shy about my life.

Well, since you're here and reading and you haven't left let me give you a quick overview of what has been going on since I last wrote something of relevancy on here.

Well first, I was with this guy for "a blink and you missed it"  small amount of time. He was a total pain in my ass, it was my first and only "interracial relationship. I thought that stepping out of my race was going to be cool and easy and we would click and we would end up having some interracial babies.. NAHH that is NOT what happened. I quickly realized that he was definitely not someone that I wanted to be with long term. Too clingy, too needy, and VERY VERY BORING.  Also during this time I left my job at the library. I had reached a point where I felt that I wasn't using my potential to make a change in this world. I wanted to do something I was proud of, something that would give me the warm tingly feeling that I thought I had when I first started working at the library, I enrolled in a Masters Degree program to become a teacher,  as I was working on this degree I was teaching at the same time.  Soon after graduating from graduate school I met this guy who  ( I wasn't even looking for ) is amazing and wonderful ,and a pain my ass, and a thorn in my side, but I love him to pieces and we have been together ever since.Its been 2yrs and we are going strong.

You're probably wondering what my plans are for this, since I have decided to come back and write and put myself "out there." Don't feel bad for thinking it, because I'm thinking about it too. To be honest I  haven't the slightest idea.

To be honest I just plan to put it all out there. I have a couple of blogging ideas but mainly its about what my friends and I are going through (I've asked if I could share some of their stories too.) Some of my friends have some amazing stories about dating and love and romance and a whole slue of other things and I have permission to put it out there for you to read and enjoy and of course comment on.

With all that said, I plan on writing as much as I can. I do want to make this something more than what is has been. So, with this first blog post of 2014 I want to wish you a great new year and happy reading.

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