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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Growing up in Flatbush Brooklyn in the 90's you had your specific clique of friends. Many like you whose parents are immigrants or who are immigrants themselves hung out with those who knew of your culture and your customs. Coming from Haiti in the 80's and living in the same neighborhood in the 90's I saw how many of the kids grow into adolescence and take their own direction in life. When I saw how many of my peers turned out I realized how glad I was to not have fallen into the same traps that they did. You may be wondering why I am writing this, and there is a reason for it too.. Trust me.

Today's prompt from NaBloPoMo asks about a time when you didn't fall into peer pressure. In all honesty I don't think I can actually recall that. I can always tell you about the times when I did. I recall because those where when I got into the most trouble, and boy did I get into trouble... man oh man those were some very terrible moments in my life, but I am scratching my head wondering if and when there was a time when I didn't fall into peer pressure.
Seriously! I cannot remember for the life of me when something occurred and I didn't go for it, or I was stopped by my conscious or my gut told me anything. I begin to wonder " Was I really that stupid?" " Did I really fall for every trap set up by my then friends?" NOOOOO!! That definitely is not it. I refuse to believe so. In all seriousness though I can't recall. 

 I know this kind of makes me sound like I was a gullible or easily persuaded teen, but I wasn't. Actually, after I got into trouble I learned to straighten up. My mother made it clear to me that if I didn't fix myself and turn things around I would find myself with a one way ticket back to Haiti. At this time I didn't know my country. I mean I left there when I was 4, what did I know.So to not have that happen I just did what I was supposed to when I was supposed to. This did come with loads of problems in itself with my "friends" but I didn't care because I knew if I messed up again American Airlines was my next stop.

I think I learned to quit following friends and do things on my own when I saw that it wasn't getting me anywhere. The people that I hung out with were getting into so much trouble in school that their parents were called in constantly. Many had dropped out or had transferred to other schools because they were not going to graduate with the cohort we started with. I finally saw what my mother had seen in the beginning. I never told her these things because I know she would have the " I TOLD YOU SO!" face on ----->

I am glad for her though. I believe that if she hadn't pulled be in and made me see certain things I would have ended up like the other kids I see in my old neighborhood. I may have fallen into some peer pressure growing up in the 90's but having a mama like mine helped me to avoid a lot of the other peer pressures that I could have also fallen into had it not been for her!

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