Peer Pressure... the Younger Me

Monday, January 6, 2014

Today's prompt on NaBloPoMo asks about a time when I bent to Peer Pressure. This made me think of when I was younger and how I was so easily influenced by my friends to do things that I KNEW I shouldn't have done. Things that I got into loads of trouble for. So with that said I constructed a letter to my younger self about the stupid things I have done.

Bear with me y'all!

Dear Younger Riley, specifically 15-16 year old Riley,

Yes, I am talking  to you. I must admit that I am not proud of the person you were at this time. You just don't understand how long I've wanted to write to tell you what I've been thinking. Pull up a chair and listen intently as I tell you about some of the things you... You have done! Girl, some things that you did back then, I am definitely NOT proud of. You should have not listened to your friends. Why did you fall for the trap that they set up for you? Why did you let them make you feel like that? Were you really that feeble? Come on Girl get it TOGETHER! You should have listened to your instincts and stayed away from those people. Which people? You know which people I am talking about. Those people or should I say friends! Yes, those friends who you thought were your friends (at the time.) Those ones who used to make fun of you and ask if you were too p*ssy to hang with them.

Remember that time when you ditched school to go to that hookie party? Yes, that same party where you danced your heart out and laughed  and made out with that not so cute boy who you thought was cute until the light came on and you realized that he was just EWWWW.. yeah him. all this happened and unbeknownst to you  the school had called your house and told your overly strict HAITIAN mother that you were NOT in school that day? Yeah, remember that time. Girl what were you thinking? Did you really think that she wouldn't have found out that you were out there doing what you weren't supposed to be doing? You thought you were cool right? You thought you were going to just get away with it and not get into trouble? Well honey you thought WRONG. I'm still shaking my head at that.

Its just like that time where you ditched school to go to the beach the year before with your friends. You missed your regents to go to the beach! You took one state test that afternoon and missed the second one.l When you got home you were so tired by the sun that you passed out for HOURS after. To make matters worse when your mother asked why you were so tired you LIED and said that the tests exhausted you. HA HA HA HA HA! What an idiot. (I really can't believe that I told her that, and I believed that she believed me.) Are you still wondering how your mother found out? Well, let me tell you honey. She found sand and seashells in your pocket and add to the fact that you were about 3 shades darker than when you left home that morning.

Let me tell you sweety, the teasing by your friends made you go because you didn't want to be seen as chickensh*t. Good going smart ass. For a long time your mother didn't trust you because you said one thing and you did another. As you've grown you realized that there are some things that you don't have to fall for. If your friends wanted to go, then you should have let them. You didn't have to go. You could have just gone home.

With all that said, I look back at where you've come from and I must say that I'm proud of the woman you've become. I think you've learned from your lessons and you no longer do things that are pressure from your friends. As a grown woman you've learned to stand on your own without anyone's help no matter how much they try ridicule  you when you don't want to participate.

Stay strong and stay grounded. I'm glad you no longer fall so easily to the pressures that you used to face from friends.

Older, more wiser Riley

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