40 Days/40 Nights

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Every year I think about what I am going to give up for lent. Though I am not as religious as I once was I work on my spirituality more and more daily. I am a work in progress. 

This year I want to do something more meaningful. Something that I sincerely struggle with. I really want to take the time and grow in my relationship with God. So after some thought and if course soul searching. I came to an understand that in order for me to grow and mature spiritually I need to grow and mature physically and that requires me to no longer be lazy and procrastinate. 

In a previous post I mentioned that I suffer from procrastination (yes, it's an ailment) I always say that I am going to change but nothing ever happens. This year though I am going to really work on it. As a sacrifice and a need to be more complete I will work on no longer procrastinating. 

Laziness is also a something that I need to work on. I get into these moods where I don't want to do anything even though I know that I have to get it done. When I do try and do it, it won't be my best because I've made excuses for it and I've fallen short. In essence I've become lazy. I am really going to work on this for Lent. I need to get on my ball. 

Of course my final decision is to go meatless for 40 days as well. This is something that I usually do. Not only is giving up meat a sacrifice it's cleanse that my body needs. I am seriously out of shape and procrastination and laziness have been some of the factors that have gotten me this way. This lent I plan on really working on these things. I have to get my body right and to do that I cannot procrastinate and I cannot be lazy. 

40 days is a long time but I know I can do it. I need to do it. I have to do it. 
In Gods name I know it will be done. 

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