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Monday, March 3, 2014

Today's prompt for March's NaBloPoMo is 5 interesting facts about me.

I really don't think that I am that interesting. I believe I am just like another caribbean born girl walking the streets of Brooklyn. I really had to sit and think this through before I put myself out there and tell you things that I really wouldn't want you to know. Well, I don't think that there is anything that secret that I wouldn't want to share but since I want to keep with the theme for the month let me tell you 5 things about me. For the sake of keeping things in order I will write them from 5 to 1, but really there isn't any specific order.

5.  I'm Haitian and very proud.  I was born on the island and came to this country in the 80's with my mother. We moved to Brooklyn because this where many of our family members resided and I have lived here ever since. I am very proud of my island, and I am very nationalistic. Many people from the Caribbean have put us down and have made fun of my country, and have said we all do voodoo ( I surely don't) but I stand firmly behind my home. I love my island and everything that it stands for and everything that it meant to others in the Caribbean who took a look at what we were doing and said that they wanted to be like us.

4. I'm an ONLY child. While this might not be interesting to many people its very interesting to me, because my mother is one of 12, and she is the only one out of her brothers and sisters to have 1 child. When I was growing up I always wondered why I was an only child. I asked my mom for a brother, or a sister, or even a dog and I was not given anything. The closest I got was a goldfish and it died after a couple of weeks. My mom was with my step-father for many years and they never had children. He had his own and they were grown but I wanted someone closer to my own age to play with and blame things on. I grew up with my cousins so I can't really say I was alone, but I do think I missed out on having the sibling thing. I believe having one would be awesome.

3. I read YA novels. Many of my friends make fun of me because I refuse to read adult novels. They say that I am stuck in a teenage world, and while that may be true I read YA because I like it. I mean I live an adult life and I have adult troubles, but when I want to get away and just live in an alternate world I live in my YA novels.

2. I am a member of a BGLO. For personal reasons I don't think I'll reveal which organization I belong to (well maybe later), but I will tell you that I am glad I made the decision to join the one that I did. I remember growing up and watching  A Different world and telling myself that I would definitely belong to one of the orgs that I saw on the show. I didn't know then what I knew now but I can honestly say that the decision I made to join my organization is the best one. I still watch old episodes of the show and I now look for Greek letters and I really wonder where did good TV go.

1. I am a HOARDER,  wait I don't like that word, let me rephrase that. I am a COLLECTOR of things. Yes, that's more like it. before you go thinking of calling A & E I am not that bad. My apartment isn't filled with useless stuff that I will never use, but I do like to keep things. I have a hard time parting with things that I like or have fond memories of. My bf and I have had many disagreements about throwing things away. While I like to keep things for sentimental reasons he on the other hand just wants to get rid of everything. We are total opposites minimalist vs. extremist. I'm working on not keeping things for too long after they are of no use to be, but I am finding that difficult. I don't know what it is but I just can't throw things away. I mean just because its from over 20 years ago doesn't mean that its got to be thrown out.

 Damn that was harder than I thought it would be. I thought I had this in the bag but I found out the hard way that this isn't as easy as I assumed. I literally had to call my boyfriend and ask him to tell me 5 interesting things about myself.  I guess this month's topic on NaBloPoMo isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. 

For a little something extra : 
For those of you who are familiar with BGLO's here is one of my favorite episodes from A Different World

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