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Thursday, October 30, 2014

After my last post I made it my duty to get things together. I decided that enough was enough and have now begun my "fitness journey" if thats what this is. This weight loss thing can be such a pain in the ass though. I don't know how people do this, not only is it hard to figure out what you want to eat, but it seems that when you want to eat right all of a sudden all you crave for is all the bad stuff.

For instance, I am a bonafide chicken lover (what person isn't) but right after I stated that I was going on this fitness journey I walk out to get some things that need from Target and as I walk by all I smell is fried chicken. Its like the devil just knows that I am on this journey and wants to tempt me with the smell of the fatty goodness. Now I am not going to fall for it, because I really need to make this change and I am determined to do so, but I must say that I almost fell for it. I just wanted to get that chicken and just devour but I said a quick silent prayer (it was needed) and took my "fitness journey" ass to target.  But I had visions I tell you visions.

I just needed to get to the gym, and that's whats been the biggest issue.  I have been on this fitness journey before and I had made great changes, and I was doing well for a while but then I fell off and stopped all together because, well because I got lazy. I have 2 gym memberships, why well because 1 gym offers me the classes that I like to take and the other is open 24/6 and I like that.  Was this costing me more money than I want to spend, well.. DUH but that shit came to an end. I came to the conclusion that I am going to cut off the one membership where the gym is open 24/6 because I don't need it. The location is optimal because it is very close to home but I am not comfortable at that gym. When I go to that gym I feel like its a meat market and everyone is there to find someone to get with, and I am not about that life. When I get going at the gym all I care about is getting in there, working out till I'm sore and then walking out and going home to take a shower.  Now if you were to walk into the gym that I am talking about you would see the women in there, and even some of the men. Its like they are are the club, the women with full on makeup on taking selfies on the treadmill and the men thirsty as ever to help you with a machine.  There was one who even walked up to me and asked if I needed help?  My prompt reply was " NO Sir, I like to sweat like a pig on my own but thank you."

I made the jump yesterday when I went to the gym with my cousins. They too are on their own fitness journey and I thought  "Hey, why not join them?" While this was a good idea and I do not regret going with them its just that I feel that I am going to have to bow out on joining them, not because it wasn't a good burn but because they do not belong to the gym that I want to stay with. I love taking classes, and love the variety that classes provide and the gym that I want to stay with offers me that so I'm going to go with that. So I am going to do this on my own. I know that it is said that when you have a fitness partner you're more likely to reach your goals but think I will do this on my own. I have thought about it really hard and I think this is the best thing for me. I need to motivate myself to do this and I know that I can, and I will do it. Since starting this thing on Monday it has gotten a little bit easier, but next week I begin my 21 days of no sweets so lets see how it goes then. Pray for me y'all cause I loves me some candy and chocolate. In the mean time I eat well in the morning, I make myself a shake and I have a sensible lunches. I am really working on this but I do tell you I'm struggling.

I need to ease on down this road because once I made it far enough I know that I will not be going back to where I began. So here's to the next steps.

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