Revol... no its Resol.. its actually the same thing.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Remember when you were a kid and people would ask what your new year resolution was and you would say, "Well my new year REVOLUTION is..." and then you'd get corrected that the word wasn't revolution but actually RESOLUTION. Remember that?


Well, anyway yeah never happened to me either. I heard it from my friend that, that was what used to happen to her and I didn't want to leave her out there thinking that it was only her that went through these issues, you know I was being supportive and what not.

Anyway, back to REVOLUTION and RESOLUTION. I was thinking about what I had proposed would be some resolutions for this year, and I also thought about the younger me who used to say revolution (yeah it was me), and wondered why  it couldn't be a revolution?

Was I wrong when I said I had a new year revolution? Do I not want to revolt against what I did the previous year and make a better me in the new year? The answer to all of these questions is definitely yes. I mean why wouldn't I want to be better than I was before? Isn't that the whole part of putting these things out in the atmosphere and also social media?

When we think about revolutions we think about wars and angst and a whole bunch of people dying because they are standing up for what they believe in, or something like that. While that is definitely one of its definitions, there are about another 4 other definitions for the word Revolution. One of the many definitions of the word revolution is: a sudden complete or marked change in something.

Isn't that what the new year is? Isn't that what I hope to accomplish when I make my list of things that I want to change, I am revolting against what I did the previous year and I am making a sudden and complete change. I need not continue with the bad habits that I had done in the previous year. I was not wrong in using the word REVOLUTION instead of resolution, I just didn't realize until now that this word was actually correct (pats my younger self on the back for that brilliant mistake.)

 I think this is a mindset that many people should adopt going forward. Yes you have decided to resolve some of the issues that you have gathered in the previous year but you need to revolt against it and start a new.

Yeah, I think that's what I am going to call it now. My New Year Revolution! I am REVOLTING against the old me and working towards a better me.

Yup I think that's the best thing for me.

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